Test Results, Recalls &Reminders

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It is important that you obtain results of any tests requested and completed by our doctors.
It is good practice to arrange a follow up appointment to confirm your results. These followup appointments for results only will be bulk-billed.
If your results require follow up by your doctor, you will be recalled by reception staff to make another appointment. 

Our Practice has a procedure for obtaining results

Our Procedure for Results are as follows:

test results

It is the policy of this practice that Reception staff are NOT permitted to give you, your results over the phone or in person at the front desk.

  • # Copies of your results can be obtained at the time of your appt.
  • # If you request these results outside of your appointment, a small fee will be charged  to you for the doctors time.

Recalls and Reminders:

We are committed to appropriate management and preventative care of medical conditions. We may send you a recall reminder from time to time offering you follow-up or preventative health care. If you do not wish to be part of this service please inform your doctor or the practice manager.