REFERRALS word on business card shown by a man, vintage tone

  1. This service is only available for existing patients.
  2. To Order a Referral online, you must have attended our Practice in a Face to Face consultation in the Last 8 weeks.
  3. This is to order a Repeat Referral for an existing referral  We can only provide repeat referrals. This means you must have previously been referred by OUR Doctors to this specialist.
  4. Referrals cannot be backdated.
  5. This is not for Management Plans or Mental Health Plans. A Face to Face appointment is still required for these to be completed.
  6. Each referral request is assessed by your doctor who will approve or decline the request on clinical grounds. If the request is declined, you will be advised to make an appointment.

To Order a Repeat Referral please click the link below and follow the steps: