Recall Injections Through COVID-19


For our patients who have been recalled for PROLIA, DENSUBARB, B-12, SHINGLES, Pneumovax 23  etc and meet the over 70 criteria:

Please note this is not for 2020 FLUVAX

If you do not wish to come into the clinic to have this recall injection, please ring to make an appointment.


#Please let staff know it is for that  recall injection only and inform them the required injection name ( Prolia ,B12 etc).

# A script for the injection will be written prior to your appointment and placed with Brunswick Heads Pharmacy. It is your responsibility to collect it and have it ready.

#Once you have arrived for your appointment for the injection, please ring the clinic on 66851742 and let us know you are here.

#The doctor will then come to your car or to an open space to administer the injection.

# There will be no other consultation time for anything else. It is for the injection only.