Referrals and Scripts



Patients must make an appointment to see their regular doctor for referrals. They will not be completed without seeing the doctor.
For changes of initial referral after consultation,  a small fee will be charged.

Please know that Referrals requested after you have seen the specialist cannot legally be backdated. Please do not ask our staff to do so.
It is preferable for all concerned to attend prior to your specialist appointment to obtain that referral you need.


Repeat Prescriptions are available to regular patients of our practice. A small fee will be requested for this service if requested outside your normal consultation time.
If you are requesting a repeat script and have not attended the practice in the last 4 weeks, in accordance with our health care policies you will be required to make an appointment. Requests for scripts cannot be obtained outside this rule. There is a small charge for this service payable at collection of your script from the front desk.

  •  For all requests for scripts  and other required paperwork, please allow at least 1 to 2 days for completion of this request by the doctor. As much as they try, it is not always possible for the doctor to complete this request at the time of making it.
  • If you are travelling or away and need scripts in this time, please make an appt with us prior to your travel arrangements .As much as we would like to assist you,we cannot  always ‘squeeze you in” for fairness to  our previously  ‘booked in advance’ patients appointments.

Medical Certificates:

Medical certificates are available for employment, school, child care and /or other requirements. For legal reasons they cannot be obtained without seeing your doctor.

Please request a medical certificate from your doctor at the time of consultation.These cannot be backdated.