Our General Practitioners

Dr Laurence Veness

Dr Laurence is working with us as General practitioner in our Medical Practice. Please come and meet ‘Dr Laurence’ who will certainly attend to your medical , emotional and physical needs.

Dr Corinne Watson

Commencing with our Practice August 2019 Dr Watson is also with us extending her skills in General Practice. Please come and meet ‘Dr Corinne ‘ who will definitely attend to your needs and in particular any female concerns or issues.


Dr Volker Rockliff Boehm

Dr Volker Rockliff-Boehm completed his medical studies at the University of Leipzig, Germany in 2014. After moving to Australia in 2015 he began his medical career in the small country town of Sale, Victoria. Dr Rockliff-Boehm is an experienced GP and has also had extensive experience in both rural and major regional hospitals in the fields of Emergency Medicine, Cardiology, Obstetrics and Gynacology, Paediactrics, Orthopaedics, Urology, Vascular surgery and Rehabilitation. With a special interest in Obstetrics, Dr Rockliff-Boehm has dedicated a year to O&G care at the Women’s Care Unit in Lismore Base Hospital and is completing his advanced Diploma of Women’s Health in March 2019. He also has a great interest in Expedition and Wilderness Medicine, which he endeavours to develop in the future.In his free time, Volker enjoys practising the Martial Arts of Hapkido, playing soccer, spending time in nature and most of all spending time with his wife and three (soon to be four) children.

Please come and meet Dr Volker who will attend to your needs.