Our Current Fees

The AMA forms the structure of our billing We do Not Bulk-bill.

For a new patient there will be an initial fee of $117.00-155.00 with a Medicare rebate of $76.5-$113.30. This is for a 30minute appointment so the doctor can get to know you.

We have a three tiered system: Full fee paying, Health Care Card/ and Aged Pensioner.

For quick appointments: 40.00/30.00/25.00 (Level A) R/: 18.20

For standard appointments: 80.00 /70.00/ 65.00 (Level B) R/B: 39.75

For 15min-30min appt: 117.00/107/00/100.00 (Level C) R/B:76.95

For 30mins to 45mins appt 154.00/144.00/135.00 (Level D) R/B: 113.30

Initial obstetrics consultations- 165.00 R/B: 113.30 Ongoing Obstetrics appts 118.00 R/B 68.25

For extended appointments to an hour, a fee of $200.00 will be charged with a rebate of 113.30.

These are the consultation fees.

Please be aware there may be are other Medicare items to pay and receive a rebate. We will do our best to provide you with these fees Prior to your next appt with us. Our team will process your fee and then send this electronically to Medicare who will return your rebate to the nominated bank account you have with them.

*Procedure fees incur a different fee.

**GP Management plans and Mental health plans are NOT bulk billed and incur a different fee as well. Rebates are available from Medicare.

Due to Privacy and confidential reasons, we do not deal with Medicare. Any Medicare concerns and rebates are between you and them.