Our Current Fees

We do Not Bulk-bill.

The AMA forms the structure of our billing

For a new patient there will be an initial fee of $115.00-150.00 with a Medicare rebate of $75.55-$111.50. This is for a 30minute appointment so the doctor can get to know you.

We have a three tiered system: Full fee paying, Health Care Card/ and Aged Pensioner

For standard appointments: 78.00/68.00/ 60.00

For 15min-30min appt: 115.00/105/00/98.00

For 30mins to 45mins appt 150.00/140.00/135.00

For extended appointments to an hour, a fee of $200.00 will be charged with a rebate of 110.50

A Medicare rebate with a current Medicare Card can be obtained at the time of consultation with an EFTPOS card through our TYRO machine.

For all other appointments, a specific medicare code will apply which will result in a different fee.