Our Current Fees

Our Appointments are Standard/Long/ Extended

tyroStandard Fees:                              73.00/108.00/140.00
Pension Card Discount Fees:        63.00/ 98.00/130.00
Senior Pension Card Fees:             55.00/90.00/125.00
Medicare Rebate to you                37.60/ 72.80/ 107.15

Full Payment is expected at the time of consultation.
Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS cards.

The AMA forms the structure of our Billing. However the billing details are at the  Discretion of the Doctor.We do offer a service through Medicare where the Rebate can be returned to you from Medicare within 5-20 min of your payment.
This is through the use of our TYRO machine at the time of your consultation only. 
Please ask staff for further Information.

Third Party Fees Disclaimer:  The practice is not able to predict and is not responsible in any way (including omission) for third party costs (e.g. radiology, pathology and specialists)