Our Current Fees

Our Appointments are Standard/Long/ Extended.

tyro**For non specific consultations the following will apply:               

  • Standard fees :          $73.00/110.00/140.00
  • Health Care Card Discount Fees: $63.00/ 99.00/135.00 
  • Senior Pension Card Fees:  $55.00/95.00/125.00
    Medicare Rebate to you: $37.60/72.80, 107.15

**A new patient is always a long appointment as the doctor needs to ascertain your medical history and learn about you.

**For any other aspects of your consultation, the fee charged to you will relate to the medicare specified item the doctor has requested.
(For example, a mental health consult is different from a non specific consultation and a different item number is issued and charged.)

 Full Payment is expected at the time of consultation.Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS cards.

#The AMA forms the structure of our Billing.
#However the billing details are at the  Discretion of the Doctor.

We do offer a service where the Rebate can be returned to you from Medicare within 5-20 min of your payment.This is through the use of our TYRO machine at the time of your consultation only. 
Please ask staff for further Information.

Third Party Fees Disclaimer: 
The practice is not able to predict and is not responsible in any way (including omission) for third party costs (e.g. radiology, pathology and specialists)