For ‘At Risk’ Patients and COVID-19

If you are OUR REGULAR patient and you meet Medicare’s designated category of:
# Age 70 and over,
# Pregnant

# A parent of a child  under 12 months, a child under 12months old,
# Immunosuppressed
# Have a chronic condition such as COPD, Asthma or Diabetes:,

AND do not wish to come into the clinic due to the COVID-19 Virus concerns , we can accommodate your request via a telephone consultation with the doctor to ascertain your need. This telephone consultation is only for anything that does not need a physical examination or use of medical equipment and materials.

So – if you need a repeat script or a repeat referral or to ask questions of concerns that meet the criteria above, you can take advantage of this new Triage by ringing reception and indicating you require a telephone consultation with the doctor for script, referral or questions.
Once reception have determined  you meet the Medicare requirements, your name will be given to the doctor to ring you.

#Please indicate to staff what the request is for.

#This phone call will occur at any time of the day and not at a designated time.

# It is your responsibility to be available.