Specified Appointments that will be Bulkbilled


  • All  consultations are paid by the patient at the time of consult.

However we do have some MBS items which we do bulk-bill at the discretion of the doctor. These are

  • Returning for Results only appointments
  • Recalls by us to you
  • All Childhood  immunisations and Flu vaccinations 
  • Health assessments- 45-49 and Over 75 years
  • Cervical screening tests ( formerly known as Pap smear)
  • Some DOCTOR SPECIFIED  MEDICARE ITEMS   may be bulk billed as specified by your doctor at the time of consultation. 

We do offer an alternate payment system to aged pensioners ( pay one visit, bulk-billed the next). Please let us know if you wish to be part of this scheme.

  • We appreciate that some people may find it difficult to pay their medical bills. A doctor might also offer to bulk bill a service at their discretion  in exceptional circumstances. We do offer an alternate payment cycle for some patients.
  • If you are having financial difficulties please discuss this with your doctor at the time of appointment. Your privacy will always be honoured.

If you were previously bulk-billed  at our practice  please do not assume  that you will continued to be bulk-billed; it is only at the Doctors discretion and under certain conditions.