Your Visit

continuity_colouredSeeing the Doctor Does Require Making an Appointment.
A standard appointment is up to 15 minutes.

Please ring or visit the surgery within clinic hours to make an appointment.
We try to accommodate all our patients’ requests for appointments, however, at times, some of our popular doctors are booked quite a number of days in advance. If you wish an appointment with the  doctor of your choice please allow adequate time in advance to have this happen.

Urgent and  Emergency cases  of course will  be seen  on the day.

However, please be aware as an urgent case on the day , you will be seen by the first available doctor and not necessarily your doctor of choice.

If you require a health management plan, women’s health check up or have more then one issue to discuss please request a longer appointment. At the time of booking please advise the receptionist if you have any specific requirements for your appointment (e.g. Drive medical, Vaccination, etc.)

Accessing your Doctor
Our staff will help you decide whether an issue requires an appointment, a return phone call or an immediate urgent personal discussion with your doctor.
Unless it is deemed as urgent by the doctor concerned, please know, it is our policy that reception staff will return your call and not the doctor themselves.

New Patients are Always Welcome.
If you are attending the practice for the first time, you will need to make a longer appointment so that the doctor can get to know more about you. Before the doctor sees you personally, we do need to register your details, so it is best if you arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to complete a ‘Patient Information Sheet’

Our Surgery is a Family Based practice and We Welcome All Members of your Family to Attend.
If more than one family member needs to see the doctor, it is preferable to have an appointment for each person. Please do not presuppose that the doctor will ‘see them also’ as this is not possible to do properly in a standard 15 minute allocation. For the best health care for you and your family, please request enough time so that each family member’s health needs may be met.